How are we Helping Tintilou?

Help Tintilou has a simple mission: to provide assistance to Jean Kabre's family in the village of Tintilou, Burkina Faso.  The purpose of Help Tintilou is to raise funds to advance the economic opportunity in Tintilou and support Jean's family through infrastructure development, medical treatments, housing construction, agriculture optimization and providing adequate food supply.

The Washington Post even ran a front page story on Jean and his efforts to Help Tintilou.

  • Grain Grinder - the purchase, delivery and installation of a RHINO grain grinder ($4,500).
  • Hangar- Adjacent to the grinder, this hangar will provide shelter and shade for people waiting to access the grinder. The hangar dimensions will be 10 meters by 5 meters with 9 support metal studs covered with metal sheets ($1,500).
  • Agriculture Development- 150 meters of fencing for common agriculture development and livestock areas ($1,000).
  • Medical Treatment and Supplies- first aid kits and over-the-counter medicines to be used by the village doctor ($1,500).
  • Medical Transportation- one Yamaha Motorcycle for transporting residents of Tintilou to the hospital and other medical treatment facilities ($1,500).
  • Emergency Food Supply- 10 bags of corn, 8 bags of millet and 10 bags of rice. Each bag is approximately 100 kilos ($2,200).

Recent Projects

Help Tintilou


Founded: 2007

Owner: Jean Kabre


Areas of expertise: 
Fundraising for Sustainable Economic Development, Medical Aid, and Food Supplies