1. Micro-commercial grinder installation
  2. Emergency Food Supply
  3. Medical Supplies and Transportation 
  4. Agriculture Development 

Current Projects

The Kabre Family in Tintilou

Jean’s extended family lives in a rural and very undeveloped part of Burkina Faso called Tintilou.  In his village there is no running water, electricity, or modern houses.  There is no economy, and Jean’s extended family subsists on rudimentary farming and limited livestock.  The country has experienced rainfall shortage for the last few years. 

Jean’s remaining family in Tintilou is mainly children.  There are over 30 children and 5 widows along with aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew and other relatives still living on his family’s land. It is better for the children and their mothers to remain in Tintilou for their safety. Most all of the children attend school nearby and two older children currently live in a nearby village to be able to attend a different school.  The land, the children, and their mothers are taken care of by the oldest male child who is now a young adult (approximately 20…birthdays are not recorded in Tintilou). There is significant potential to advance this village in the future by some type of micro-commercial activity as well as providing educational resources to the children.